Be a Better Ms. PacMan Player. Do BNM Training. Trust me, It Works. --MrMsPacMan

Welcome to The Ms.PacMan Club!

Hi, my name is MrMsPacMan, and I'm very excited to welcome you to The Ms. PacMan Club!

I created our club in December 2017 to capture the best gaming moments, celebrate high score leaders, share gaming secrets, and highlight the real world experiences that many of our members have to offer.

Speaking of real world experiences, here are some of the wonderful things in the works for 2018: 

We're planning a series of monthly events across the country where players can compete against each other in VERSUS mode and also cooperate with each other in LEVEL UP mode. It will be a lot of fun and will make for some awesome recorded memories to be shared in our Member Videos page. Members who donate will have priority access to the limited ticketing offering.

Also in the works is a Ms. PacMan fictional novel "Hello, My Name Is MrMsPacMan" written by yours truly, MrMsPacMan , the founder of Make sure you donate to get invited to the premier story telling event coming up! 

Finally, we are planning to release a Virtual Reality Ms. PacMan experience that will be offered to those that donate on a pre-release schedule. Yes, you'll get to experience it first simply because of your continued support!

Be a Better Ms. PacMan Player. Do BNM Training. Trust me, It Works. --MrMsPacMan